Software as a Service (SaaS) Data Security

Thales eSecurity enterprise data protection solutions for SaaS providers accelerate SaaS adoption

SaaS Providers

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) often saves time and money and offers rapid response to dynamic business demands. But SaaS users require comprehensive security, often based on compliance mandates, for sensitive data stored in SaaS clouds. Thales eSecurity enterprise data security solutions enable SaaS providers to fulfill customer requirements with data security that doesn't sacrifice business agility.

Cloud Security Responsibilities

If you hold anyone's sensitive data, you're partially responsible for it. You face compliance mandates for data protection such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and state data breach notification laws.

Your Customers Or Prospects Have The Questions

You're likely to be handed the Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire, or CAIQ, which includes queries such as:

  • Do you have platform and data appropriate encryption that uses open/validated formats and standard algorithms?
  • Are your encryption keys maintained by the cloud consumer or a trusted key management provider?
  • Do you support secure deletion (e.g., degaussing/cryptographic wiping) of archived and backed-up data as determined by the tenant?
You Need to Have The Answers

Avoid breach notifications and have the answers your customer or prospects deserve!

Vormetric Transparent Encryption from Thales eSecurity

Solve security mandates and avoid data breach notifications with Vormetric Transparent Encryption from Thales eSecurity. Massively more powerful in solving SaaS data security challenges than full disk encryption, Vormetric Transparent Encryption:

Key Management as a Service

If you already have an enterprise data security architecture based on encryption in place, you can fulfill the CAIQ mandate for customer-managed keys with Key Management as a Service, or KMaaS.

The Thales eSecurity Cloud Partner Program

Learn how Thales eSecurity can:

  • Help SaaS providers integrate and deploy encryption, tokenization and key management to enhance their service offerings
  • Quickly overcome typical security and compliance end-customer objections
  • Accelerate SaaS revenue growth

Visit the Thales eSecurity Cloud Partner Program site or contact

Transparent and Non-Disruptive

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

  • Installs and operates without changes to applications and business processes—significantly reducing the cost of encryption deployment and operation
  • Gives customers highest assurance with comprehensive access control
  • Accelerates breach and compromised-credential detection through security intelligence
Giving Customers The Required Controls

Offering Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) allows you to follow in the footsteps of giants like KMaaS allows you to gain customers who follow the strictest information security mandates including requirements for:

  • key revocation with secure deletion
  • unique encryption keys for specific data sets
  • comprehensive key management procedures
  • separation of key management and key usage duties
Get The Data Protection Assistance You Need

Whether you are an innovative, new SaaS provider or have already tens of thousands of customers, Thales eSecurity has products and programs to bring data protection to you and your customers. Take advantage of the Thales eSecurity Cloud Partners program or Thales eSecurity Professional Services.

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