Gestione ed amministrazione del ciclo di vita delle chiavi in piena sicurezza ed efficienza

Unifica la gestione delle chiavi per un controllo efficiente dei tuoi dati

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Soluzioni di gestione unificata delle chiavi

Utilizzando prodotti certificati FIPS 140-2, Thales eSecurity unifica la gestione, centralizza la memorizzazione sicura e semplifica l'amministrazione delle chiavi crittografiche.

Gestione unificata delle chiavi

Vormetric Data Security Manager unifica la gestione delle chiavi per i prodotti Vormetric, i client KMIP e i database Oracle e Microsoft SQL che utilizzano TDE (Transparent Data Encryption)

Key Management as a Service

Realizza una gestione tramite crittografia nativa on premise o nel cloud per le chiavi crittografiche e relative policies.

Cloud Bring Your Own Key

Utilizza un HSM ad elevato livello di sicurezza per trasferire le tue chiavi nel cloud rispettando i requisiti di compliance

Azure e AWS BYOK

Prendi il controllo dei servizi crittografici su cloud pubblici BYOK con gestione delle chiavi dell'HSM in sede ad elevato grado di garanzia.

Gestione delle chiavi TDE

Gestisci e memorizza in modo sicuro le chiavi crittografiche per Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) di Oracle e Microsoft.

Gestione delle chiavi con crittografia nativa

Gestisci le chiavi crittografiche utilizzate da soluzioni conformi a KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) come Cisco, Nutanix, MongoDB e altri

Solution Brief : Key Management

Thales eSecurity key management solutions help organizations streamline and increase the security of key management operations by centrally managing keys in FIPS-certified security applications and hardware and maintaining them separate from the data they protect. Our solution brief provides an overview of our solutions and the various use cases they serve.


Solution Brief : CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager reduces key management complexity and operational costs by giving customers lifecycle control of encryption keys with centralized management and visibility. Read the solution brief for an overview of its features, capabilities and benefits.


Solution Brief : TDE Key Management

Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database solutions provide native transparent database encryption (TDE) that protects the data stored in their customers’ databases. Managing the TDE keys presents challenges such as isolating them from the assets they protect and storing them securely. Thales key management solutions centralize key management for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database, providing greater command over the keys while increasing data security.


White Paper : Maximizing the Advantages of the KMIP Standard in Your Organization

Today, the encryption of sensitive data is a fundamental requirement in virtually every business. At the same time, organizations continue to struggle with managing a proliferation of encryption keys. The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) was developed to enable unified, efficient management of keys from multiple encryption technologies and vendors. This paper offers a look at the KMIP standard and how Thales eSecurity solutions help you maximize the advantages of this standard.


White Paper : Hardware Key Management in the Azure Cloud

This document presents the features and general theory of Thales nShield HSMs and how they are used to secure customers’ keys as part of Microsoft Azure Key Vault. The paper further presents the methods that Microsoft chose in using Thales HSMs, and make connections between product features, the Azure Key Vault application, and the security model that results. Our goal is to inform the reader on the technology and methods deployed by Microsoft to protect Azure users’ data in the cloud.

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